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light dependent resistor ldr and working principle of - working principle of ldr a light dependent resistor works on the principle of photo conductivity photo conductivity is an optical phenomenon in which the materials conductivity is increased when light is absorbed by the material, arduino energy meter 10 steps with pictures - arduino energy meter play video i belong to a village of odisha india where frequent power cut is very common it hampers the life of every one during my childhood days continuing studies after dusk was a real challenge due to this problem i designed a solar sys, megger working principle types history uses of megger - work philosophy based on ohm meter or ratio meter the deflection torque is produced with megger tester due to the magnetic field produced by voltage and current similarly like ohm s law the torque of the megger varies in a ration with v i ohm s law v ir or r v i, lvdt basic principle theory working explanation - lvdt works under the principle of mutual induction and the displacement which is a non electrical energy is converted into an electrical energy, led digital voltmeter working with circuit diagram edgefx in - digital voltmeter working the operation of the circuit can be explained in two stages during the preset period in the first stage input voltage is integrated and at the end of this preset period voltage at the output of integrator and input voltage are directly proportional to each other, transformer basics working principle construction types - most of the electronic circuits used in circuitstoday com have different applications of the transformer therefore it is important to know the working principle construction and types of transformers used in different analog circuits, calculation of multiplication factor of energy meters - as we know that power vicos where is power factor therefore an energy meter shall take current and voltage as an input current and voltage input is extended through metering core of current transformer ct and metering core of potential transformer pt based on this input the energy meter calculates and display amount of energy imported exported, orifice meter basics scharf automation pvt ltd - principle when a liquid gas whose flow rate is to be determined is passed through an orifice meter there is a drop in the pressure between the inlet section and outlet section of orifice meter, how does a digital multimeter measure voltage current and - a digital multimeter or dmm is a useful instrument for measuring voltage current and resistance and some meters have a facility for testing transistors and capacitors a digital multimeter converts an analog voltage signal into a number equal to the voltage which can then be viewed on an lcd or led digital display, fluke 87 v digital multimeter amazon com - fluke rugged reliable accurate fluke digital multimeters dmm s are on more tool belts finding more problems than any other comparable test tools, szstar com star ami system enhances smart meter - over the past 20 years we have been working to offer extensive products and systems our solutions have been field proven, basic operating principle of an inductive proximity sensor - did you ever wonder how an inductive proximity sensor is able to detect the presence of a metallic target while the underlying electrical engineering is sophisticated the basic principle of operation is not too hard to understand at the heart of an inductive proximity sensor prox sensor or prox sensor for short is an electronic, flow meter suppliers and manufacturers - need reliable durable flow measurement in high pressure high temperature or hazardous process settings the mt3750 metal tube variable area flow meter from brooks instrument is your hard working answer, sensors detectors capacitance sensors circuits - accurate low capacitance meter the circuit measures the unknown capacitance by applying a clean 20khz 5v peak to peak triangle signal to the capacitor the current routed through the capacitance is sent to a current to voltage converter the voltage that emerges is therefore a 20khz square wave signal whose amplitude is proportional to the capacitance, haug static meter i static measuring unit - the haug static meter i electrofieldmeter is a small hand held field strength meter with digital display for measuring electrostatic charges in volt it perfectly combines easy operation with accurate measuring technique, best fluke digital multimeters fluke - fluke 279 fc true rms thermal multimeter the 279 fc is a full featured digital multimeter with integrated thermal imaging and is designed to increase your productivity and confidence, industrial automation in india plc scada dcs training in - we are chennai based leading company engaged in supplying of electrical and automation systems for various industrial segments hindustan automation solutions has always been a customer oriented firm which makes sincere efforts to manufacture and supply latest and useful software and hardware for its valuable clientele across india today s world revolves around high technology most, what is a smart meter which - which smart meters guide what they are how they work and communicate whether they could save you money and how to get one plus find out if smart meters are mandatory and if you can switch energy supplier with a smart meter, the energy internet managing electricity in the 21st - the energy internet managing electricity in the 21st century por larissa basso and luciano viola revista mundorama 5 9 16 08 55, future digital scientific the surface science specialists - german precision instruments for surface property measurements electrical wetting phenomena the electrowetting effect has been defined as the change in solid electrolyte contact angle due to an applied potential difference between the solid and the electrolyte, products solar energy philippines - blessed afternoon po i was a retailer of solar lighting products such as garden light and am using also a 1 watt solar energy kit for emergency purpose only, types of moisture meters for building inspection quick - learn about the three types of moisture meters with quick tips 346 determine if a pin type pinless or all in one moisture meter is best for your application, conventional weapons atomic rockets projectrho com - yet we begin to see the limitations of each system point defense systems railguns coilguns conventional guns or even lasers are power limited in this exchange, avr lc meter with frequency measurement - note there should be a 3k pull up resistor on pin 1 and the feedback resistor should be 100k instead of 10k because what we are really meausring is the frequency of the oscillator we can build a frequency meter using the same circuit at almost no additional cost